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Romantic Comedies

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  • City Lights Poster
  • It Happened One Night Poster
  • Annie Hall Poster

Classic Romantic Movies

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  • Casablanca Poster
  • Gone with the wind Poster
  • Breakfast at Tiffany's Poster

Romantic Foreign Films

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  • Cinema Paradiso Poster
  • The World of Apu Poster
  • Amelie Poster

Romantic Musicals

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  • West Side Story Poster
  • Moulin Rouge Poster
  • Meet Me in St. Louis Poster

Romantic Period Movies

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  • A Room with a View Poster
  • Becoming Jane Poster
  • Doctor Zhivago Poster

Looking for Good Romance Films?

The Romantic Film is a very popular genre among moviegoers of all ages. Why? Because, these films explore the universal theme of “love” to which every human soul is susceptible. They are great fun to watch as they can easily touch our hearts, and involve us in the struggles and journeys of the characters making us cry, laugh, smile, and just being a great means of escape from our daily worries. They may not always end in fairy-tale or happy endings; but overall, they provide great entertainment, ignite passion among the viewers, and wonderful fantasies. Whether a tearjerker, or a comedy, love always remains as the primary element of the film.

This site is all about movies and romance, and we are dedicated in helping you find cinema from all across the globe that pertain to romance genre. To aide you further in your search for just the right film, for just the right time, we have also collected a list of movies according to several sub-genres such as: drama, periods, comedy, foreign, historical, time-travel, western, musical, fantasy, classics, action movies, and more… We truly hope this guide will help you find that special moment with that special picture.

Romance, being one of the major film genres that have managed to touch millions of hearts since the dawn of cinema, we have devoted this whole site to provide more information about it. This genre is so vast and versatile that it can be associated with several other genres forming sub-genres such as romantic musicals, or even romantic action flicks.

We hope the information found here will be helpful in your quest of finding a good romantic film for you and your partner. So, please stay tuned to us as we will be updating our site with the most comprehensive listings of the top romance flicks of all time with in-depth reviews, discussions and analysis.

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